The Village Green Project believes in the important role of education in breaking cycles of poverty and social injustice. Established in 2014 in Sagle Idaho, Village Green Project is working to create educational and awareness programs that address human rights issues and social inequalities in the state of Idaho specifically and the United States in general.



We’ve partnered with Book Trust  to bring their literacy program to the Lake Pend Oreille School District.We increase literacy and a love of learning through the power of CHOICE and the pride of OWNERSHIP of Scholastic books. Each month every student in kindergarten through third grade gets to choose, purchase, and own $7 of book of their choosing from the Scholastic Reading Club. Book Trust currently serves 51,000 students in 19 states.




Working with SPARC and Representative Sage Dixon we helped pass into law House Bill 183 which requires placards with the human trafficking hotline number to be posted in all rest stops in the state of Idaho. We are currently working to have the signs installed. You can read the bill here.


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