Donations Now Accepted

Check it out! You can now donate to The Village Green Project by simply clicking DONATE on the right side of this webpage! Once you click on the donate button it will take you to paypal where you can set the amount in US dollars you would like to donate. Once you choose your amount it will take you to a confirmation screen where you can tell us where you want the money to go to. AKA do you want to help kids by books with BOOK TRUST or would you like to help us put up the Human Trafficking Hotline Number in all rest stops in Idaho with the SIGN PROJECT.

Human Trafficking Laws in Idaho

The Village Green Project is proud to announce that in March House Bill 183 was passed by the Idaho State Legislature requiring the state to post the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline number in all rest stops across the state of Idaho as well as the number for the Idaho state office of crimes victims advocacy. This is a great step towards a comprehensive anti-human trafficking plan in the state of Idaho. Read the bill.

Village Green Project is responsible for raising the necessary funds to create, post, and maintain these signs.