Idaho Not Reading at Grade Level

Some of the Facts:

  • 1/3 of Idaho’s 3rd graders are not reading at grade level.
  • Nearly half of K12 students are low income.
  • Idaho ranks 50th in the proportion of student who graduate from high school on time and go directly to college

Check out all the data on literacy and education in Idaho here.

Reading is Good for the Brain

This morning there were A LOT of news articles that came across my various feeds discussing the importance of reading (and real books) on brain development in children. They highlight the correlation between children being exposed to books at a young age and vocabulary, levels of literacy, and ability to pay attention.

Micheal Rosen, a British author, had this to say on Facebook in relation to this adorable video:

This is exactly what I was writing about on my blog the other day. The baby is interpreting, relaying between image, sound, the mother’s face. This is a powerful learning moment. And of course we can sense the satisfaction that this giving by the distraught response when the book ends. Notice also the way the objects of the books themselves is a place the child can live in. I wouldn’t say that this isn’t possible with eBooks. It’s just that given the child’s mobility, the physicality of sitting amongst books is an important part of the whole experience too. Please circulate this to everyone and anyone who is involved in childcare, learning, upbringing or talking about initial literacy etc etc. Fantastic bit of film.



Thank You Pend d’Oreille Winery!

Yesterday, The Pend d’Oreille Winery graciously chose our Book Trust program as the recipient of their monthly Sip & Shop. In addition to receiving 10% of all purchases made at both their bar and in their gift store they allowed us to have a raffle and silent auction!

A big thank you to the winery and our board members for another successful event!! Congratulations to all the evenings raffle and auction winners! IMG_3791